Professional Sales Network

We contract directly with independent marketing companies and independent contractors who represent SALESWORKS’ clients in face-to-face sales.

  • This self-employment model cultivates a self-motivated workforce with flexible working opportunities, in control of their own goals
  • Independent contractors known as brand ambassadors are paid based on their performance
  • Budding entrepreneurs and people of all ages or backgrounds are empowered to develop and run their own businesses
  • The sales engagement can take place at appointed approved locations such as on the streets, shopping centers, at special events, at your office or at your doorstep

Quality Customer Acquisition

The regular training to strengthen their skills and knowledge, encourages the independent contractors to be experts and passionate about the products and charity causes that they are selling on behalf of the client.

  • Our clients pay for every new customer that we deliver, in return the independent contractors are also paid for every new customer acquired
  • This model encourages them to engage customers in an enjoyable, informative and personalised conversations guaranteeing a memorable experience for the customers
  • In return, the customers acquired are not just high volume but also high quality ensuring that the client’s brand is represented well
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Finding new customers can be difficult. Finding the team that can do it for you is easy. We help brands build customer loyalty, improve product visibility and provide a great experience to its customers. We would love to learn more about your needs and how SALESWORKS can help your company succeed. Send us a message and our local representative will be in touch as soon as possible.