Face-to-face sales can increase market share, revenue, connect our client with the right customer base and strengthen their brand.

  • We provide industry and country insights before kick-starting the sales campaign
  • We build strong client relationships by understanding their needs
  • We learn and become an expert of our clients’ business and brand
  • We are trusted by clients from a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, pay TV, broadband, insurance, consumer products, transport, financial services, technology, fundraising, lifestyle and energy.


We are experts in delivering targeted campaigns, ensuring high volume and high-quality customer acquisitions.

  • We run test sales campaign to assess the interest and awareness of client’s product and brand
  • We vet and locate the right location to sell based on the target audience we plan to reach
  • We develop sales collaterals like pitch cards, brochures, flyers and posters for the clients
  • Daily reporting as well as audits and checks to review the performance of the independent contractors and result of the sales 

Training & Compliance

In every market, we comply with all local laws and regulations.

  • We conduct stringent product training and brand awareness for the workforce we contract with
  • A dedicated customer service team to verify purchase and payment
  • The independent workforce is fully trained on industry regulations and codes of practice
  • A dedicated legal specialist to advise on compliance to local laws and regulations 
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Finding new customers can be difficult. Finding the team that can do it for you is easy. We help brands build customer loyalty, improve product visibility and provide a great experience to its customers. We would love to learn more about your needs and how SALESWORKS can help your company succeed. Send us a message and our local representative will be in touch as soon as possible.