What are the Different Types of Motivation

Whether it’s getting to the gym, writing that personal blog post, networking with professionals, developing your app and more, we always need motivation to get these things done. Sometimes, it’s tough to understand what motivates us best. But motivation makes things happen!

Different people have different motivation triggers – here are some that we thought are pretty common.


Achievement Motivation

Some people fear poor performance. Therefore, they are driven by the need to accomplish the goals no matter what the conditions are and avoid failure. It takes a lot of perseverance and grit.

Traits to look out for: Persistency, Ability to Delay Gratification, Competitive, Self-Fulfilling Foresights. 


Power Motivation

Power is an addictive substance for some. This kind of people are stimulated by the influence they have on something or someone. The more changes they can bring with their authority, they more motivated they get.

Traits to look out for: Extreme Risk-Takers, Enjoy Building Important Alliances, Attention Seekers, Dominant


Incentive Motivation

This is a common motivator for many. People who fall in this category a driven to work a little harder in achieving their goals when promised a prize at the end of the line. People who are pulled into action by a reward will become lazy and unreliable if there are no incentives involved. Incentives should always be an added bonus – not your main motivation in life.

Traits to look out for: Predictable, Easily Demotivated, Dependent

No matter how you see it, motivation is pushes us to find ways to change our behaviours, be more competent, be creative, develop talent and achieve our goals. So, what kind of motivation do you find works for you? Write to us at communications@salesworksgroup.com