Top 10 Intent Data Providers to Amplify Your Conversion Rates (Part 1)

First things first – Intent Data Providers. What do they do exactly? ‘Intent’ is synonymous with ‘reason’, so essentially the ‘why’ behind a person is visiting your website

As a marketer, you can look at a lead and break them down into intent types: low intent, medium intent, and high intent. 


But here’s the real question: How can you measure intent in a B2B setting?


Sales cycles are long in a B2B setting and many players are involved. How exactly can you measure intent?

Well, in this case, intent is a combination of three things: 


1. Topic –

When visitors visit your website, they have a particular problem or interest in mind. The topic of interest is a sign of what they are looking for.

2. Context –

The ‘why’ behind the person visiting your website. Based on their job title and position, you can determine the context of your visitor.

3. Surge Data –

In B2B marketing, surge data can be used to understand intent. You can receive ‘buying signals’ or ‘surge alerts’ when a particular business or account that you are interested in has shown intent. 


If you can get your hands on customer journey insights, you’ll have the upper hand in closing more deals. But here’s the thing: intent data alone won’t cut it. 

That’s why smart B2B data providers combine it with other data types like firmographic and technographic data to give you the full picture.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how intent data providers can empower your sales efforts.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the best intent data providers to equip your sales team with a game-changing advantage.


1. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg, powered by ZoomInfo, is an intent data provider that specialises in B2B sales teams implementing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. It empowers you to set lead criteria, pinpoint key decision-makers, and prioritise accounts that have a greater likelihood of making a purchase.


Best for: Sales, marketing, recruiting, and go-to-market teams


Free trial: Yes


Price: Only available upon request


2. SalesIntel

SalesIntel is an incredible B2B data platform that provides intel on your ideal customer profile. They offer firmographic, technographic, intent, and contact data to level up your targeting precision.

But here’s what makes SalesIntel’s data truly awesome: their team of human verifiers. They review contacts every 90 days to ensure they’re active and take the opportunity to confirm the company’s tech stack, location, and role updates.


Best for: SDRs, BDRs, sales, and marketing teams


Free trial: No


Price: Only available upon request


3. Leadspace 

Leadspace is the ultimate powerhouse that combines first-party and third-party data to create detailed buyer profiles and precise account scoring.

Its hero feature, The Graph, brings together data on 70 million global companies, 240+ buying centres, and over 280 million individual buyers. This B2B data graph helps you map leads to accounts and buying centres effortlessly.

But that’s not all! Leadspace goes the extra mile by providing real-time intent data for each account, allowing you to identify in-market prospects and target them with your marketing content. 


Best for: Enterprise sales, marketing, and merger and acquisition teams


Free trial: No


Price: Only available upon request


4. LeadOnion

LeadOnion is an AI-powered platform that swiftly identifies your total addressable market. It offers account intent and contact data, helping you segment and prioritise accounts based on conversion likelihood.

One notable feature is the ability to optimise LeadOnion to find accounts similar to your past wins. This is a game-changer! Selling to leads who resemble your existing customers becomes a breeze.

With LeadOnion, you’ll already be familiar with their pain points, needs, and buyer behaviours, giving you a significant advantage when approaching new accounts. 


Best for: Sales teams interested in using AI


Free trial: No


Price: Only available upon request


5. LeadFeeder

With Leadfeeder, you can unveil the mystery behind anonymous website visitors who didn’t share their contact details. It reveals their online behaviour and qualifies them as potential leads. What’s more, Leadfeeder Contact helps you find decision makers’ phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles, so you can reach out directly. 


Best for: SMBs who need fast and actionable intent data


Free trial: Yes


Price: Free plan is available, or paid plan starts at $199 per month, paid annually


The conclusion (for now)

Intent data providers play a crucial role in helping businesses boost their conversion rates by understanding the reasons behind customer visits. However, intent data alone is not enough. It should be combined with other data types like firmographic and technographic data for a complete understanding.

To further enhance conversion efforts, it’s important to consider sales support as well. SalesWorks, a face-to-face marketing agency, specialises in providing valuable sales assistance. Our expertise can complement the insights you gained from intent data providers.

By leveraging the power of intent data providers and the sales support of SalesWorks, your business can increase conversion rates and achieve sales goals more effectively!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article for more intent data providers and strategies. In the meantime, contact us to find out more about the sales support you need!