The top 3 failproof face-to-face marketing techniques

The top 3 failproof face-to-face marketing techniques
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In our previous article, we covered the basics of face-to-face marketing; what exactly it is by definition and how it can benefit your business, such as allowing your prospective customers to put a face to a name or brand, as well as building relationships and trust that’s not always personable behind a digital screen.

As one of Asia’s largest and most trusted partners in face-to-face marketing since 1995, SalesWorks offers an extensive service range in the face-to-face marketing category. With our guide, you will get everything you need to deploy a successful face-to-face marketing strategy in this fast-evolving digital age.

Ready for some of the best tips for our success? Here are the top 3 failproof face-to-face marketing techniques you need to know to succeed in the game.

1. Plan for more face-time and in-person demos

Plan for more face-time and in-person demos
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With almost everything now conducted over a screen, more and more people are looking for something more personal, especially in sales. As we emerge from a closed-down approach after the pandemic, we see that customers (in any industry) are craving genuine human contact.

As the name suggests, face-to-face marketing gives you an upper hand as it is a canvassing technique where a sales representative engages with potential and prospective customers in person and convinces them to buy products or services – and this usually comes with a live demo of the product or service in action.

Often, sales professionals would leverage street sales, industry exhibitions, B2B events and other large-scale gatherings as an opportunity to meet their prospects in person. There is an advantage to this, of course. You have gathered the target audience in one place, making it easier and much more efficient to sell as everyone in that room has a need to be fulfilled or a solution for that need.

When applied correctly for the right products, this technique can be even more effective than a 100% digital approach. So, be sure to plan more focused face-time with your customer either by catching them on the street or at events and provide effective demos and explanations on how your product or service can help.

2. Leverage digital marketing

Leverage digital marketing
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Here’s a preface: just because we’re going face-to-face doesn’t mean we’re chucking technology out of the window! Do not mistake this approach as “going old school”; the real success is when you know how to combine and leverage digital marketing as part of your face-to-face marketing approach.

The best way to close is to offer your customers a way to stay connected – especially via social media, or digital communications.

Make sure your customer is aware of your online presence by giving them business cards or flyers with QR codes that direct them to a landing site or your company’s social media so they can head straight on when they are ready to purchase. Plus, this also helps in making the customer journey as seamless and as smooth as possible!

3. Talk about money openly

Talk about money openl
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Discussing money is an important part (and benefit) of the face-to-face marketing process as you can use the momentum to understand their pain points and leverage it to build monetary value around what the solution for their problem will mean.

It is key that you use this opportunity to ask questions that will make them consider the cost impact of their pain points and how your solutions can offset that or generate greater financial savings in the long run.

We understand that money is a hard topic to talk about, especially with a potential client, but at times it’s wiser to be upfront about it. Just as the person who starts a negotiation has more leverage, the person who begins a conversation has the power to set the terms – so don’t wait until things grow uncomfortable to bring up the topic. Even if your client or customer doesn’t ask, be clear from the start about what the costs are, so the customer can think about it as you explain your solution.

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