The Importance of Brand Promise

Salesworks Group Asia Executive Director James Greaves explains what makes our brand promise stand out from the crowd.

Salesworks Group Asia, formerly known as Appco Group Asia, has over the last 20 years evolved from selling calculators and pens out of big bags on our backs to representing some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world. We have helped companies to double digit growth, massively increasing their sales and their value. We have literally launched brands like Domino’s Pizza who opened stores only when they knew we were available to sell in their area. We have long-standing partnerships with clients such as Telekom Malaysia, Singtel, UNICEF and WWF.

An important part of retaining and growing our partnerships with clients is down to our brand promise. A brand is defined by how people perceive you. For example, Nike’s brand promise is one of innovation and inspiration for athletes. Walt Disney stands for wholesome entertainment filled with magic and wonder. McDonald’s promises a minimal standard of quality combined with great service and convenience.

Brands that consistently keep their promise in every aspect of their business can be very powerful. When customers trust that a brand will meet their expectations, not only will they become repeat customers but more often than not, they are more likely to talk about the brand, creating powerful word-of-mouth marketing that money can’t buy. In other words, keeping your brand promise leads to brand loyalty, repeat customers, increase brand awareness and new customers.

We place our clients at the centre of everything we do. We make a commitment to them through our brand promise of risk-free customer acquisition, guaranteed return-on-investment, and brand enhancement.

Risk-free Customer Acquisition

Our clients only pay for the customers or donors we deliver, ensuring risk-free customer acquisition. This is our key differentiator as most advertising and marketing companies require upfront investment; where there is little guarantee that it will work.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Quality interactions, creates quality customers and donors resulting in high value returns for the companies and charities we represent. In addition, working with Salesworks creates a return on investment, anything from four to 12 times, depending on the customer or client we work with.

Brand Enhancement

We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times. We deliver unrivalled brand enhancement and superior quality customers and donors for our clients. We are without doubt the best company in the world at delivering high volume sales, while still leaving every customer we interact with positive, regardless of whether they become a customer/donor or not.

Our commitment to these promises has made us the industry leader over the last 27 years and our continuing commitment to them will ensure an incredibly bright future for all of us at Salesworks.

James Greaves is Executive Director for Salesworks Group Asia.