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How to Master the Art of First Impressions

If you noticed nowadays, people are all about flexing and filters, meaning they want to look and feel and be on their best, however they wish to portray it. And we think we can all agree that you only get one shot at a first impression and to imprint on them what a fine person you really are. Did you know that people are already subconsciously forming their opinions on you in the first 10 seconds within the first meetup! Because of this, it’s necessary that you put your best foot forward from the very beginning. Whether you’re going out with a potential date or applying for that dream job, here’s what you need to do to make a good first impression.


1. What Every-Body is Saying

It might seem like body language doesn’t do much when making an outstanding first impression but, our mind subconsciously understands all the cues and messages that a body sends. The most essential tips here are proper posture and a firm handshake which will signify your self-assurance and determination. Avoid closed postures, don’t cross your arms or legs, roll your hands into fists or hunch over your seat. Instead, lean in a little during a conversation to show that you’re interested. But don’t over do it! Invading someone’s personal space certainly won’t give you any bonus points. As long as you behave politely and give small body language clues, you’ll surely make a great impression.


2. Look the Part!

We all know that clothes do not make a man – or woman. However, they’re still extremely important when it comes to making a fantastic first impression. As humans we are very much imaginative creatures and we usually form quick opinions of someone from a single meeting based on the visual clues we get, and clothing is a crucial part of it. The key takeaway here is to dress appropriately but also maintain your vision and style. So, put on the clothes that make you feel like a million dollars as well as your most authentic and confident self, and enjoy it! Remember to keep it within your comfort zone, make sure it is well tailored to your body and always accessorise with your best smile.


3. Eye do care

Eye contact is one of the most powerful things when it comes to communication. Eye contact coupled with casual movements like head or hand motions makes people more memorable and noticeable to you. Maintaining eye contact shows your confidence and independence. Basically, when you’re not afraid to hold eye contact with someone, they subconsciously start to perceive you as a leader with strong individuality.

However, remember too much eye contact can get a little creepy, so keep the eye contact friendly, do not stare rudely but smile with your eyes – ‘smize’!


4. Listen

It’s hard to find a person who will genuinely listen to you without interrupting and waiting impatiently for their turn to talk. That’s why good listeners are worth their waiting goal. So, the next time that you’re meeting somebody that you want to make a nice impression on – focus your attention on them! Ask them questions and listen carefully. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid expressing your opinion, just be sure to show interest in their personality and story.


And there you have it, four combined tips for you to make a great and killer first impression. And the best part is, here at SalesWorks Group Asia, we work with an array of marketing companies that provide chockful of resources and people to coach and train you on how you can improve them.

With our regional network and increasing client demand, we’re expanding into new markets around the region faster than ever before. So naturally, we’re constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic, ambitious and motivated young people to join our team. Sounds like you? Great! Why wait? For more information on how to be part of the team, visit us at www.salesworksgroup.com