How to Find Motivation Based on Your Individual Work Style

Let’s face it, lack of motivation is nothing new. Are you waking up every day and dragging your feet to work everyday until it has become dull to the point of being painful, desperate for a change? If you are, stop beating yourself up, you are not failing, you are just lacking motivation – a natural outcome of not doing work that is not stimulating or challenging.

The truth is, happy employees are good employees, and the effects of going to a job every day that you dislike can be daunting and the effects of going to a job every day that you dislike are crushing.

Here are 4 ways in how to find motivation to work if you are struggling lately.

Find the work that you love

How to find motivation? Do something you love. One of the major factors that motivates employees is doing the work that interests them. This does not mean you simply drop everything, pack up and find another job. Speak with your boss or employer for a new project to keep your interest stimulated, or perhaps request to change to a different role that you know you will be able to carry confidently in the same company. Doing what that is fulfilling and interesting to you is one of the best ways to ensure you’re staying motivated and engaged day in and day out.

Remind yourself “Why” you work

More often than not, we base our motivation on external sources like recognition, bonuses, and job promotion. Sure, if you get them the feeling is great but these are just a “sugar high” and it doesn’t last forever. Look, we get it, it can be very difficult to connect to that deeper meaning to our actual daily tasks. So, why is it that you do the work that you do? Find a way to remind yourself often how you are contributing to the greater good through your work and outside of it. We highly recommend Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, so that you can connect deeper to your personal career mission and in how to get more motivated. Remind yourself ‘why’ this job or career was your choice in the first place. Remind yourself ‘why’ you need this job. Remind yourself to remember the ‘why’ and that will keep you moving forward. 

Give yourself a break (and don’t feel bad about it!)

Lift up your hand if you’re motivated 24/7! Just as we thought – no hands. It’s unrealistic to feel constantly energised, to want to bulldoze through tasks all the time. That’s certainly not the way in how to get motivation at work. You need to give yourself a rest, and if that means giving yourself a specified set time to refresh or turn away from the demands of your job, then do it. It’s likely to help you perform smarter and harder in the hours that you allocate for work. So, schedule in a break and stop feeling bad about it. But remember, a break does not mean you are procrastinating, it just means you are refreshing your spirits before continuing on with work. 

How to get inspired at work

Bring out the good vibes . Adopt a let’s-make-this-happen attitude and don’t just bluntly urge your colleagues to work faster. Energise the people around you—and perhaps find yourself energised in kind. Reinforce the good vibes by building trust and confidence every day, and deal with negative behaviour as it arises, and remind yourself and your people of the positive impact of their work.

Motivating yourself at work isn’t just about making it to work. Rather, it’s about inspiring yourself to achieve clear goals in the service of an important, big-picture perspective. It’s about pushing yourself to become better at something that interests you, and it’s about growing as an individual. Remember, the world needs whatever it is that you’ve got to give. Take that lack of motivation as an invitation to play bigger, and to own who you truly are.

You’ve got this. 

What other motivation tips work for you? How do you find motivation? Let us know by writing to us at