7 Simple Steps to Get Your Product Adoption Ready

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Put simply, product adoption is when people discover your product, see its value, and actually use it. The process of product adoption typically occurs in 4 stages: awareness, interest, evaluation and conversion.


To drive product adoption, you first need to consider the 4 forces that influence it:

Reasons to Switch

  • Problems with the current product
  • Attraction of a new product


Reasons to Stay

  • The anxiety of uncertainty of change
  • Existing habits and allegiances


Here we have the first 4 steps to help you with your product adoption. Each of these steps capitalises and leverages on the respective forces that influence product adoption:


1.Increase the push-away:

Even if it’s not your thing to badmouth others, bringing attention to the flaws in your potential customer’s current solution- highlight the flaws in the prospect’s current product or solution and demonstrate how your product overcomes those shortcomings. By emphasizing the frustrations and offering relief, you create a sense of urgency and desire for change.

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2.Increase your product magnetism:

Make your product appealing enough for prospects to think going through the hassle of switching is all worth it. The use of customer testimonials, case studies, and product demos are all great ways to showcase the tangible benefits and outcomes your product delivers. Diminish any lingering doubt and emphasise that your product drives real results. 


3.Decrease the fear and uncertainty of change:

A customer who recognises their current problems may still be afraid to take the leap. This may be due to fear of the new product not working out as promised, or the risk of switching may seem high to them. It is our job to validate these concerns and alleviate them. 



Address the concerns and risks associated with switching to a new product by providing trial periods, effective onboarding, and training experiences to help users understand the value of your product. For example, if you plan to switch mobile service providers, 1-month pre-paid SIM cards are usually available for purchase. To make the onboarding process even easier, some companies even let you retain your current phone number. 


4.Decrease attachment to the status quo:

We’re sure that you’ve come across prospects who mentioned choosing their current solution because a friend recommended it or because “everyone else was using it.” It’s natural to feel more at ease with a product when we know there’s a community around it or someone we can rely on for quick answers to our questions.


However, what works for the majority doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. In fact, some companies build their product marketing campaigns around the idea of “we’re-not-for-everyone”.


Here are three things you can try if you’re not getting the results you expected in terms of product adoption. While the four forces of customer influence are important in convincing people to switch or try out your new app, these techniques can give you an extra boost:


5.Improve the onboarding experience:

Guide users toward their goals and showcase the value of your product during the onboarding process. Personalize the onboarding flow based on user behaviour and preferences to create a tailored experience. 


6.Continuously improve your product:

Regularly assess and enhance your product based on customer feedback and needs. Prioritize features requested by users and make improvements that increase usage frequency and attract new users. Focus on delivering value and optimizing user experience.


7.Enhance support accessibility:

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Ensure that users can easily access support and assistance without leaving your app. Embed instructional videos within the app, offer in-app chat support, and utilize chatbots to answer common questions. Providing accessible and immediate support options helps users overcome obstacles and increases their likelihood of adoption.


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