7 free sales forecast templates to supercharge your sales pipeline (no credit card needed!)

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Accurate sales forecasting is the lifeblood of any successful business. It helps you allocate resources effectively, anticipate future performance, and ultimately, make informed decisions to drive growth. But building a robust forecast from scratch can be time-consuming and complex, especially for smaller teams or startups.

That’s where free sales forecast templates come to the rescue! These pre-built spreadsheets and online tools simplify the process, allowing you to quickly create data-driven predictions without investing a dime. 


But before you dive in, consider this


While these templates are a great starting point and can help you get on the right track, building a truly effective sales forecast often requires more than just a template.

That’s where SalesWorks comes in. We understand the intricacies of F2F (face-to-face) sales (and have done so for the past 25 years in over 8 markets), which are crucial for understanding your prospects’ needs and accurately identifying leads with high conversion potential.

By combining the efficiency of these free templates with the expertise of SalesWorks, you can:


  • Gain deeper insights into your sales pipeline:

    Through F2F interactions, you can qualify leads more effectively, assess buying signals, and gain valuable insights that traditional data-driven methods might miss.

  • Refine your forecasting accuracy:

    Back your data-driven forecasts with real-world understanding of your prospects’ motivations, leading to more reliable predictions.

  • Develop winning sales strategies:

    Leverage the power of F2F communication to build strong relationships and nurture leads, ultimately closing more deals and exceeding your sales goals.


Don’t forget to explore the free templates listed below and get started on building your sales forecast!


1. Google Sheets sales forecasting template:

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Straight from the spreadsheet giant, Google offers a basic yet effective sales forecasting template. This straightforward option is perfect for beginners, featuring pre-populated formulas and charts to track key metrics like historical sales, sales pipeline stages, and win rates. It’s ideal for small teams looking for a simple way to get started with forecasting.


2. HubSpot free sales forecasting calculator:

Image: Hubspot

This online tool by HubSpot takes things a step further, offering a user-friendly interface and automated calculations. Simply input your historical sales data, average closing time, and conversion rates, and the calculator generates a visual forecast. HubSpot also provides helpful tutorials and resources to guide you through the process.


3. Pipedrive forecast template:

Image: Databox

Tailored for CRM users, Pipedrive’s free forecast template seamlessly integrates with your existing data. Import your pipeline stages, deal values, and closing probabilities, and the template automatically generates a visually appealing and customisable forecast. It’s a great option for teams already using Pipedrive to leverage their data for forecasting.


4. Airtable sales pipeline template:

Image: Seattle New Media

If you prefer a flexible and dynamic tool, Airtable’s free sales pipeline template is worth a look. It allows you to customise your pipeline stages, add custom fields, and link related records like contacts and deals. This adaptability makes it perfect for complex sales processes with unique data needs.


5. Zoho CRM sales forecast tool:

Image: Zoho

Another CRM-integrated option, Zoho CRM’s free sales forecast tool utilises your existing sales data to generate actionable insights. You can track deal stage progression, analyse performance trends, and even adjust forecasts based on different scenarios. This tool is valuable for Zoho users looking to delve deeper into their sales pipeline metrics.


6. Salesforce Wave CRM sales forecasting model:

Image: Sathish

Salesforce users with a Wave license can leverage their powerful Sales Forecasting Model. This template offers advanced features like multi-dimensional forecasting, territory-based analysis, and scenario planning. While requiring slightly more technical expertise, it provides comprehensive insights for larger, data-driven teams.


7. Microsoft Excel sales forecast template:

Image: Radiant Readers Academy

For Excel enthusiasts, there are numerous free sales forecast templates available online. You can find basic one-sheet versions or more complex models with macros and automation. While requiring some manual setup, the benefit lies in the deep customisation possibilities that Excel offers.


Beyond the template


While free templates offer a great starting point, remember that accurate forecasting requires more than just filling in the blanks. Here are some additional tips to boost your sales forecasting effectiveness:


  • Gather accurate data:

    Ensure your pipeline reflects reality by regularly updating deal stages, values, and probabilities.

  • Incorporate multiple perspectives:

    Get input from different teams (sales, marketing, etc.) to gain a holistic view of potential influences.

  • Review and adjust regularly:

    Don’t treat your forecast as static. Update it as you acquire new information and adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Monitor performance:

    Track your forecast accuracy over time and make adjustments to your process as needed.


By combining the power of free sales forecast templates with these best practices (such as working with SalesWorks), you can gain valuable insights into your sales pipeline, make informed decisions, and ultimately, accelerate your sales towards success!

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