6 Proven Strategies to Launch Your Product in Singapore

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Many businesses want to penetrate the Singaporean market simply because they easily have the strongest purchasing power in East Asia – and we bet you’d want to do the same!


With over 25 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry, the team at SalesWorks has seen it all, and will gladly share 5 failproof strategies to successfully launch your products in Singapore:


1. Have a solid business plan

To build a strong business plan, you will need to take the following into consideration: 


Consumer trends


In the hustle and bustle of Singapore city, consumers want products that can help maximize their time. This means they want it fast. They even walk fast! 


If you provide time-saving and convenient products, they are sure to fit seamlessly into their fast-paced lifestyles. 

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Consumers’ behaviour and lifestyles


Like many of us, Singaporeans also enjoy the feeling of prestige that owning status symbols brings. Having a sense of prestige in your brand can push your product up their list of preferences. 


Or, you could go the other direction and appeal with value for money. Singaporeans love a good deal too! Sales such as 11.11, big package promotions, and discounts are the way to a deal lover’s heart. 


2. Understanding Singaporean consumers’ expectations

Singaporeans tend to stick to familiar brand names. They are also open and willing to new brands but don’t expect them to be too adventurous. 


If you want to break into the Singaporean market, you must use certain strategies to gain their trust. You can choose certain launch channels and do collaborations to achieve this. 


Launch channels include email marketing, social media, influencer marketing, in-person events, and so on. To drum up excitement, you can host a pre-sale, have introductory prices, throw a launch party, or make a special edition.

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Consumers crave trusted guidance and advice from brands to make informed decisions. 


Make sure to collaborate with social media influencers and local brands! If your price and product are good, you are only appealing to the cognitive side of consumer decision-making. Appeal to their affective decision-making by selling the story and the values behind your brand.


3. Prioritize customer experience and online presence

From the first contact point with your customer, make sure that their experience and journey with your brand are top-notch. This increases your chances of having a continuous relationship with them as you have made a good impression on them.

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Now that we are in an era when everything is digitalized, buying decisions are earned even before a consumer talks to a salesperson. When a customer comes from an advertisement, paid posting, article or forum to your domain, make the first impression a priority. 


Your social media pages should represent your brand in an aesthetically pleasing light all while being informative. A smooth website and purchasing experience will also help aid the journey. When dealing with a Singaporean tech-savvy population (96% above the global average of internet and social media penetration), it is crucial that you have these things in place. 


4. Gen Z consumers

Oh how time flies, generation Z is now entering the workforce! Thanks to the high penetration of the internet and social media among this new generation, they are now more informed than ever before. 


Therefore, you don’t want to just deliver a sales pitch. You want to build a connection and relate to your consumers’ needs and wants and make sure that your brand aligns with their values. 


Environmentally friendly and sustainable products are now the “new cool”. Gen Z love affordable goods but also doesn’t mind spending a little more if your brand advocates for causes that they stand for. 

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5. Track and review post-launch feedback

Get ready for customer feedback now that the product is available. Google and other customer feedback sites are the modern-day versions of consumer reports. Responding to reviews and comments shows your dedication to your product and your customer’s satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to increased brand loyalty and dedication. 

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6. Leverage face-to-face marketing 

An outsourced sales activation agency specializing in face-to-face marketing like SalesWorks can help launch a product successfully by creating targeted campaigns, generating interest and increasing sales. 


By showcasing the product in real-life settings, addressing customer concerns, and collecting feedback, SalesWorks can help you refine your product and create a foundation for future growth, and take the guesswork out of product launches for you!


Don’t hesitate, contact us now to take your product launch to the next level.