5 modern and digital strategies to boost your insurance sales

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The present and future landscape of the insurance industry has long evolved, with generational behaviours forcing businesses to adapt and develop flexible product solutions suitable for a challenging regulatory and interest-rate environment.

This affects not just the product offerings, but also the operational models of insurance providers.

That being said, a study by McKinsey predicts that a staggering 44% of insurance work activities have the potential to be automated by 2030.

Now, don’t be alarmed by that – this workforce change does not mean the elimination of jobs, but rather the demand for a shift in the strategy of how a sales professional or business owner (such as yourself) approaches your customers to maintain ahead of the curve.

This requires a deep understanding of the complexities in regulations and ways of doing business in the robust region of Asia – which is something that SalesWorks possesses.

With a solid track record of over 10 years in professional customer acquisition across Asia, SalesWorks has been the trusted partner to businesses both large and small in scaling their customer base, which means that we have both the experience and insight that could help you and your business thrive – or in this case, help you boost your insurance sales.

We can definitely get into it more if you feel like discussing how we can help you, but for now, take a look at our compilation of the top five modern strategies that can help you for the time being:

1. Find your niche

For starters, you would perform better if you develop deep expertise within a specific insurance line because clients are more likely to engage with an expert of a certain or particular business as compared to a jack of all trades. After all, an insurance plan is very much tailored to specific needs.

Gone are the days when an agent functions as a one-stop centre. In this digital age, customers can easily access information – it’s only a matter of typing queries on Google and everything they want to know will be at their fingertips. This means that they will come to you not only because they need your expertise, but also because they’re unable to find solutions on their own (even with Google’s help!)

2. Leverage local SEO

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If you are not already including digital marketing in your sales strategy, then you should. We have a couple of blog articles on this topic, so be sure to check those out so you can better leverage them for your business.

On that note, one way to do this successfully is to invest time and effort into getting your business listed on local SEO. With the insurance business, location is everything as customers want an agent in close proximity to them. Local SEO helps you rank higher on search results that have a local intent, so when a consumer searches “insurance agents near me”, this allows you to reach more relevant audiences and convert faster.

3. Farm organic reach via social media

Having a strong social media presence not only helps to establish your personal reputation, but it is also a smart way to earn trust and build organic reach.

This is why it is important to have a clear content strategy that discusses insurance topics related to your services – it can nurture your potential and existing customers, and help your brand stay top-of-mind when said customers are ready to make a conversion or sign up.

4. Digitise the referral program

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While referrals have always been a salesperson’s best tool, look at how your current referral program works and find a way to digitise it. What would be extremely beneficial is for you to be able to track conversions.

There are plenty of apps online (with free-to-use basic profiles) that allow you to generate unique tracking links so you can monitor metrics like location and click-throughs, like Google Analytics.

5. Lean in on virtual selling

Virtual selling is essentially a collection of technologies and processes sales reps use to engage buyers remotely.

This doesn’t just involve applying one digital marketing technique, but rather the entire journey from the platform used to generate and capture leads to the tools used for customer onboarding.

Here are a couple of pointers that could help make virtual selling a success:

  • provide visual aids (screen-sharing and a digital whiteboard, so you can interact with your clients virtually);
  • create a need-payoff strategy (build a need so your clients will be convinced that they need your insurance coverage and sign up);
  • and most importantly, be a human, not a machine (create that personal bond so that your clients feel that they can trust you).

Boost your insurance sales with SalesWorks

The team at SalesWorks understands that selling insurance can indeed be an incredibly daunting task, which is why we’re here to help! We can help your brand or business build customer loyalty, improve product/service visibility and provide training on how you can create a great experience for your clients and customers.

Let’s get talking – drop us a note here so we can explore more about your business priorities and how we can help boost your sales efforts!