4 face-to-face marketing tips to boost your networking efforts

Ask any sales guru and they would agree that networking is the easier part of the job. What’s really important in measuring the return of investment is converting all the efforts and time that you put into building relationships into a sense of trust between two parties. After all, it’s been said time and again: it’s not what you know, but who you know. 


Think about it – most jobs are not really advertised; they travel through word-of-mouth and personal contacts. Big deals and contracts still require the involved parties to meet face-to-face. It’s a truth universally known that there’s no beating the human connection experience, especially when it’s in person and not through a screen.


In the previous article, 6 ways to stand out through face-to-face marketing, we’ve discussed why you should be integrating face-to-face marketing into your broader sales strategy so that you can stand out amidst a sea of sellers – especially in the digital era.  


What we’ll be diving deeper into this time, in this piece, are four face-to-face marketing tips that will help you make a solid impression while networking, and build an instant connection with your target audience.


Speak the same language


This doesn’t literally mean that you should limit yourself to those with the same mother tongue as you, although logically it would be very complicated indeed to effectively do any face-to-face marketing if you and your customer are speaking completely different languages.

What’s important here is to keep yourself on the same wavelength as your customer, which means that you should be relatable and not throw difficult words or industry jargon around. If a certain product is too hard to grasp, for example, be sure to break it down for your customers so that they can understand it better. 


It may be tempting to show just how knowledgeable you are about their pain points and problems and that you know just the thing to solve them, but there’s a difference between being helpful and boastful. 


Use persuasive words 


Since we’re on the subject of language, let’s talk about how words can directly influence your networking efforts. We’ve all been taught the importance of choosing our words carefully, and it is no different for face-to-face marketing situations where different choices of words can elicit different responses.


Whenever possible and relevant, try to include persuasive words that can boost your sales pitch. Examples of these words include:


    • Always: because it conveys reliability.
    • Because: it explains the “why” or the need for your product.
    • Easy: most products or solutions are created to simplify lives.
    • Free: the magic word for Malaysians!
    • Cost: because people appreciate transparency.
    • Guarantee/proven: used in lieu of a promise, which people want if they’re going to invest in your product. 
  • Imagine: the easiest way to get your prospective customer or clients to imagine your products in their hands, homes and lives.
  • You: naturally, the focus of your entire conversation and sales pitch itself. It’s not your product and what you’re selling – it’s all about how it can help YOUR customers.  


Image: Pexels

Make people talk about themselves and listen   


There is never truly one size fits all in business, regardless of how common the business and its problems are. When listening to your prospective customers and their pain points, be quick to grasp key stakeholders that empower or influence any decision-making. 


This allows you to frame your offering, which means to personalise your solution to their unique needs and the various internal and external factors that affect their predicament. 


Listening is an important aspect of both marketing and networking, as this would help you figure out how to tailor your solutions to meet your customers’ needs. After all, your prospects are most interested in how a situation or solution could benefit them. So while it’s great that you have memorised an entire speech about your brand or product, it’s important to make it all about your customers. 


At the end of the day, if you’re going to make that sale, it’s not because you told your customers why they need your product or service. Their decision to engage is made when you’ve succeeded at making them internalise your message because they believe that it is in their best interests.


Relax and smile


Of course, you came to network with a goal in mind – which is to create new connections and potentially close sales (if possible). But don’t let your goals get in the way of you relaxing, smiling and genuinely connecting with other people. 


Instead of jumping the gun and heading straight into your company’s products or solutions and setting a serious mood, try to loosen up and indulge in some friendly and light conversation.


Not only will this make it easier for people to open up to you, but they’d also be more willing to listen to you when it’s time for you to plug your product. Plus, being easygoing also increases your chances of getting them to agree to you following up with them after the networking session is over – either through an exchange of business cards or through a connection request on LinkedIn. 


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Face-to-face marketing puts you in the advantageous setting of physical presence. It gives you the perfect opportunity to position yourself as the face of the solution that you’re offering, thereby solidifying that acquaintance into a trusted business partnership. 


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