15 best email finders for quick, quality leads in Southeast Asia (2024 update)

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Across the bustling metropolises and sun-kissed islands of Southeast Asia, ambitious businesses face a unique challenge: connecting with the right decision-makers who can ignite their revenue aspirations. 

Navigating diverse cultures and complex business landscapes requires more than just charm; it demands precision prospecting. And in 2024, the key to unlocking hidden markets and sealing game-changing sales goals lies within a powerful yet often overlooked tool: the email finder.

For over 25 years, SalesWorks has guided countless businesses across eight markets, witnessing the transformative power of targeted email outreach. Today, we want to empower you with the ultimate arsenal: 15 of the best email finders, specifically optimised for generating high-quality leads in the vibrant tapestry of Southeast Asia.


1. AeroLeads

  • Precision is their game:

    Uses AI and advanced algorithms to unearth hidden emails with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Beginner-friendly UI:

    Intuitive interface and powerful search filters make it ideal for newbies and seasoned prospectors alike.

  • Global reach:

    The extensive database covers companies worldwide, not just Southeast Asia, but Southeast Asian focus with local data enrichment features giving it an edge.


2. Hunter

  • Industry icon:

    A veteran in the game, known for its reliability and verified email addresses for targeted roles and companies.

  • Chrome convenience:

    Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with your workflow, making research effortless while browsing.

  • Freemium Approach:

    Limited free searches make it a good option for occasional prospecting, with paid plans offering advanced features.


3. RocketReach

  • Gamified prospecting:

    Turns prospecting into a fun adventure with its user-friendly interface and points system that unlocks advanced features as you progress.

  • Team synergy:

    Collaborate with colleagues on lead generation, sharing finds and building a centralised prospect database.

  • Targeted options:

    Choose from specific search filters like location, industry, and company size, ensuring laser-sharp prospecting in Southeast Asia.


4. FindThatEmail

  • Budget hero:

    Perfect for frugal businesses with its pay-as-you-go model, offering affordable email lookups on demand.

  • Simple and effective:

    A straightforward interface and focus on accuracy make it a reliable choice for occasional email searches.

  • Limited coverage:

    Smaller database compared to some rivals, best for basic prospecting needs.


5. Leadfeeder

  • Website whisperer:

    This innovative platform identifies website visitors and reveals their contact information, allowing you to target those actively interested in your offerings.

  • Warm leads, hot deals:

    Focuses on website visitors who show buying intent, increasing your chances of converting interest into closed deals.

  • Data integration:

    Integrates with your CRM for seamless lead management and nurturing.


6. Clearbit

  • Beyond the address:

    More than just an email finder, Clearbit offers comprehensive company data and lead enrichment, giving you a holistic view of your prospects in Southeast Asia.

  • Real-time updates:

    Data is constantly refreshed for accuracy, ensuring you reach the right decision-makers.

  • Premium power:

    Higher tiers offer advanced features like lead scoring and social media insights, ideal for data-driven sales teams.


7. UpLead

  • Database giant:

    Boasts a massive database of over 600 million contacts, increasing your chances of finding email addresses even for niche industries in Southeast Asia.

  • Location intelligence:

    Filter searches by country or region, optimising your prospecting efforts for specific Southeast Asian markets.

  • Customisation options:

    Build custom search filters and lead lists based on your ideal prospect profile.


8. SalesHandy

  • All-in-one toolbox:

    More than just email finding, SalesHandy offers a suite of prospecting tools including email verification, campaign automation, and lead scoring.

  • Streamlined workflow:

    Automate tasks like email verification and follow-up sequences, freeing up your time for relationship building.

  • Team collaboration:

    Share leads and insights with colleagues, fostering a collaborative prospecting environment.


9. Lusha

  • LinkedIn lover:

    This Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, allowing you to find email addresses directly from profiles with just a few clicks.

  • Built-in verification:

    Verifies email addresses as you find them, ensuring your outreach lands in the right inboxes.

  • Team plans:

    Scale your prospecting with team plans that offer shared credits and collaboration features.


10. Skrapp.io

  • Automation ace:

    If you crave efficiency, Skrapp.io is your answer. It extracts email addresses from websites and builds prospect lists automatically, saving you time and effort.

  • Email sequencing:

    Schedule automated email sequences for nurturing leads and engaging with prospects directly from the platform.

  • Data customisation:

    Customise your data fields to capture specific information relevant to your sales process.


11. Email Finder by Hunter.io

  • Freemium fighter:

    This freemium option from the Hunter.io family offers a limited number of monthly searches but retains its renowned accuracy and user-friendly interface.

  • Ideal for startups:

    A budget-friendly entry point for small businesses or occasional users.

  • Upgrade path:

    Seamlessly transition to paid plans for additional features as your needs evolve.


12. Email Hippopotamus

  • Domain decoder:

    Another freemium option, Email Hippopotamus lets you find email addresses based solely on domain names, making it a convenient tool for initial prospecting.

  • Chrome integration:

    Extend its functionality with a Chrome extension for easy on-the-go searches.

  • Limited features:

    Primarily focused on basic email finding, lacks advanced functionalities like data enrichment or automation.


Remember, choosing the right email finder depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like your target audience in Southeast Asia, desired features, and budget limitations. By carefully evaluating these options, you can find the perfect tool to unlock the power of targeted email outreach and propel your sales goals towards success.

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However, by combining the precision of email with the warmth and trust of personalised interactions, you can build stronger relationships, and convert leads into loyal customers. If you need a face-to-face marketing professional to seal the deal for your lead, look no further than SalesWorks’ team of sales professionals. Explore our contact form to discover more!