Flexible Working Hours

Traffic. Congestion on public transports. Sending your children to school. We hear you!
So, we have flexible working hour allowing all our employees to work eight hours daily, typically starting at 7.00 am to 10.00 am and ending between 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm.

Working Remotely

We understand that sometimes home may not always be the quietest or most productive place, so our people get to choose to work from various locations of their choice most conducive to their duties. By default, we allow three (3) days to work remotely and two (2) days to work in the office premises.

What’s Up Wednesday?

As our way of saying thank you to all our people for their hard work, dedication and sincerity, we implemented a What’s Up Wednesday program. Every Wednesday, our operation hours across all markets is only until 1.00 pm in their respective local time. So, on Wednesdays, our people get to pack away their work at 1.00 pm and spend time for themselves or with their families.

Tailored Learning & Development

We aim to create a workplace environment that encourages continual learning. We are invested in our people’s personal and professional development because they are the future of our organisation. Each employee will be part of a select key training and have a training plan tailored to their development needs.

Birthday Leave

We want to celebrate with you. So, every year, each employee gets to take a day off for their birthday. This Birthday Leave is not included in their annual leave plan.

Skip Level Meetings

We want every level of our people to be heard and valued, which is why we conduct Skip Level Meeting to allow our people to speak with C-Level Executive and express their thoughts and ideas in a safe and productive environment.